• LDAR Hardware

    State of the Art Hardware from LDARtools


    The phx42™ is the latest FID analyzer designed by LDAR technicians for LDAR
    technicians to perform Method 21 inspections. Learn More 


    Automatically calibrates up to 6 phx42™ analyzers for 6 span gasses simultaneously. It simplifies the gas delivery process and eliminates clumsy gas bags and dangerous small portable cylinders. Learn More 

    SpanBox Lite (SBL-510)

    The SpanBox Lite 510™ is a smaller version of the SpanBox5™. The SpanBox™ Lites remove the manual application of gas during calibration confirmation and drift assessments. The automatic calibration improves compliance and helps use Technicians' time effectively. Learn More

    SpanBox Lite (SBL-530)

    The SpanBox Lite 530™ is a smaller version of the SpanBox5™. The SpanBox™ Lite removes the manual application of gas during calibration confirmation and drift assessments. The automatic calibration improves compliance and helps use Technicians' time effectively. Learn More 

    c2 TVA Bluetooth Adapter

    3 1/4 inches - A ruggedized and waterproof Bluetooth transmitter designed for continuous use with a Thermo / Foxboro TVA 1000B. It allows TVA readings to be wirelessly transmitted to a PDA or computer and It also enables re-light of the TVA wirelessly. Learn More

    Archer 2

    Archer 2 has emerged faster, smarter, and more sophisticated than ever before, claiming top spot among the most advanced rugged handhelds out there. Specifically designed to boost productivity and speed, the Archer 2 was made for professionals who don’t have time to mess around.

    Learn More

    Mesa Rugged Notepad

    Meet the Mesa Rugged Notepad—featuring the advantages of both a tablet PC and a rugged handheld computer, without the disadvantages of either. Learn More

  • Need LDAR stuff?

    Everything you need to run your LDAR program. phx21 and TVA supplies with great prices and fast shipping.

  • LDAR Software

    Because your job is about more than PPM our software does more.

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    The modern LDAR Database Management Program that allows you to manage your entire LDAR program- NOT just some of your LDAR data. Learn more

    LTI Mobile Pro

    Ever wanted more from your LDAR handheld software? You are not alone. It's not only great at LDAR data collection, it sets the standard in technician management. Learn More


    Provides a seamless, automated method for the Tagging and Documenting Technicians to Share, Confirm and Enhance each critical data stream. Learn More

    LTI Mobile Pro Add-ons

    Includes: MOC, Scout, Safety, LStar. Click the photo for more info. Learn More

    LTI MSS Monitoring

    Designed to enable timely, automated, reliable and documented management of all MSS events associated with piping and components subject to leak detection and repair monitoring requirements. Learn More


    CalX.x™ is a comprehensive daily and quarterly LDAR precision calibration process that utilizes the latest in wireless technology and Window Mobile capability. Learn More


    EiMOC™ empowers your MOC and inventory technicians to do their work more efficiently, accurately, and cost-effectively.Using a tablet with a Class 1 / Div 2 case, EiMOC™ integrates an entire backup of your LDAR database with electronic P&IDs and MOC packages in Adobe PDF format.

  • Chateau

  • LDAR Resources


    A route repair software we use to minimize wandering in routes. Simply send us a component list in excel and we will return a much more efficient route. Learn More

  • Support

    We know "support" isn't necessarily a positive word. But here, happiness is our pride. We've spent countless hours improving our products. However, we realize we might have missed a specific situation that can only be experienced by our clients.

    We ask our clients to help us report any issues or glitches in our hardware, equipment, and software.

  • Join the LDARtools Team!

    We're looking for an Equipment Technician!

    LDARtools is looking for someone with mechanical experience and aptitude to assemble and repair complex, portable flame ionization VOC detectors in Dickinson, Texas.


    We will train you!


    Fun, family-like environment with fast growing company. Successful applicant will have to demonstrate mechanical aptitude by building a special purpose robot. (Everybody has to do it- and most think it is sort of fun.) Full benefit package with starting salary based on experience. Range is from $12 to $18 / hour.


    Send resume in the body of an email (not as an attachment) and at the top of the email include something you found on our website that gives you some indication that this is the place for you, to jobs@ldartools.com.

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